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References in classic literature ?
Long after I had thought never to read it--in fact when I was 'nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita'--I read Milton's "Paradise Lost," and found in it a majestic beauty that justified to me the fame it wears, and eclipsed the worth of those lesser poems which I had ignorantly accounted his worthiest.
Here they were, ken- neled like toads in the same rock; they had passed nine pitch dark years within fifty feet of each other, yet neither knew whether the other was alive or not.
Questionnaire items were selected from the 10th and 12th grade student files of NELS:88 presumed to measure students' perceptions of social and learning climate of the school environment, their perceptions of parent trust, parent educational aspirations, and their education and self perceptions.
"NEL has a very strong track record and reputation within the regional business and investment community.
NEL investment director David Wilson said: "Jane's enthusiasm for the growing business market will play a key part in ensuring that North-East companies can make the most of all the opportunities that NEL can offer.
"Over the last decade, NEL investments have helped many of the region's best-known companies achieve and exceed their commercial objectives, and we are confident that Jane will help add new names to the list of successful investee companies."
"Introduzione." In Gli Sforza, la Chiesa lombarda, la corte di Roma: Strutture e pratiche beneficiarie nel ducato di Milano (1450-1535), ed.
Comportamenti sociali e cultura a Firenze nel Rinascimento.
Storia della storiografia italiana nel secolo decimonono.
"Chiese venete e signorie cittadine: vescovi e capitoli fra pressione politica e autonomia istituzionale." In Il Veneto nel Medioevo.
But Metamor's Nel suggests that as more ERP vendors rely on their partners to host applications--Oracle is alone in its on-site hosting--they are finding that contingency, availability, and just the overall day-to-days risks of hosting can be daunting.
"If you asked me if was just a move by SAP because of where the market is, I'd say yes," notes Metamor's Nel. "But, that said, I believe it will work, though full functionality is still a year away."