NEMBCNational Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasting Council
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I did not begin my participation in NEMBC with the idea of studying it.
The NEMBC was born out of the antagonistic political divide that developed as different groups of black men sought to lead a fight-back strategy in response to the killing of Kiwane Carrington.
The NEMBC consists of a core group of sixteen, though meetings often include twenty-five or more participants.
The men in the NEMBC can be divided into three groups: black liberals, moderate conservatives, and nationalistic black radicals.
The moderate conservatives' percentage in NEMBC is greater than the percentage of black Republicans, locally and nationally.
Initially, NEMBC was viewed as a safe space where activists could share, process differences, and announce upcoming events.
They restructured NEMBC into three working groups: political action, political education, and social welfare and economic development.
All factions desired to elect NEMBC member Jamar Brown to the school board.
"They felt I was the only obstacle from keeping that from happening; if I was gone they would get the votes to do it." Despite the skepticism of the nationalistic radicals, largely through Walker, who also served as his campaign manager, Gerard had developed a relationship with the NEMBC. Shortly after the election, Gerard met with the NEMBC.
In response, the NEMBC and CUCPJ organized a large demonstration at the October 25 city council meeting.
NEMBC audience member Mary Noons, senior vice president, lending support services, at The Washington Trust Co., Westerly, Rhode Island, said her bank has "taken a different tack and has posted for recent college graduates" in search of people to fill open positions.
Each year at the NEMBC, the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association, which sponsors the event, lines up state regulators from all six New England states for a panel discussion covering current issues of interest.