NEMGNew England Models Group (Manchester, NH)
NEMGNew England Mercantile Group (Farmington, CT)
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Patients will continue to go to their current NEMG physician and automatically receive the benefits of the program.
The peak EMG values and the area of NEMG activity prior to the suddenly applied load were used in this investigation.
The within-subject correlation coefficients among the lower limb and facial muscle NEMG values, HR and RPE were examined using the method described by (Bland and Altman, 1995).
Hill also said NEMG management has given no sign that Mr.
This could account for the 116% increase in the NEMG activity of the latissimus dorsi and the 30% increase in the NEMG activity of the erector spinae under slippery conditions.
We hypothesized that females will exhibit landing biomechanics that predispose them to knee injury [greater knee valgus, greater vertical ground reaction force (VGRF)] and that males and females will land with increased knee valgus, VGRF, and NEMG activity of the rectus femoris and hamstrings after the fatigue protocol.
4 million at the NEMG was not deductible for tax purposes.
2 million in the fourth quarter, due to the NEMG charge described above, compared to an operating profit of $110.
The Guild in turn agreed to give the Globe more operating flexibility across the NEMG in content and selling initiatives" noted Globe Senior Vice President, Gregory L.
The investment firm Goldman Sachs has been retained to solicit bids for the Globe and "other" NEMG properties.
Turning Strategy Into Action at the New England Media Group" - presented by George Barrios, CFO, New England Media Group and The Boston Globe - Faced with a uniquely dynamic and competitive external environment, NEMG has continued to evolve its business strategy.
Susan Hunt Stevens will add to her current duties as a circulation vice president at the Globe, becoming vice president of consumer marketing for NEMG.