NEMGNew England Models Group (Manchester, NH)
NEMGNew England Mercantile Group (Farmington, CT)
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Patients will continue to go to their current NEMG physician and automatically receive the benefits of the program.
Critical to the program s benefits are the registered nurse clinical care coordinators, employed by NEMG, who will help patients with chronic conditions or other health challenges navigate the health care system.
We hypothesized that females will exhibit landing biomechanics that predispose them to knee injury [greater knee valgus, greater vertical ground reaction force (VGRF)] and that males and females will land with increased knee valgus, VGRF, and NEMG activity of the rectus femoris and hamstrings after the fatigue protocol.
Power analysis was performed with the use of G Power for knee valgus, VGRF, and rectus femoris NEMG (Buchner et al.
All NEMG and kinematic measurements were in reference to the right lower extremity.
Hill also said NEMG management has given no sign that Mr.
4 million at the NEMG was not deductible for tax purposes.
2 million in the fourth quarter, due to the NEMG charge described above, compared to an operating profit of $110.
4 million at the NEMG is not deductible for tax purposes.
has made clear its preference to sell off all of its NEMG holdings as a package, which they point out could lessen its attractiveness to buyers interested only in the Boston or Worcester newspapers.
The sale of any or all of the NEMG businesses, however, isn't considered likely to occur before July 20, when members of the Globe's largest employee union will take another vote on revising its contract with the parent company.
In the newly created position, he will develop and implement new ways of communicating with NEMG employees in support of NEMG's and The New York Times Company's strategic initiatives.