NEMISISNational Enforcement Management Information System and Intelligence System (Environment Canada)
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They then set course for Bateman's Bay where the 14 crew members of Georgia were transferred to the police launch Nemisis in daylight.
The evening's highlight was a dance-off between Nemisis and Signature to Michael Jackson's Thriller.
(31.) Moorcroft, P L, African Nemisis: War and Revolution in Southern Africa 1945-2010, Brassey's, London, 1990, p 205.
Top rides include Rita Queen Of Speed, Nemisis, Oblivion, Air and Ripsaw.
To facilitate this kind of carrying, De Santis offers the Nemisis, a soft, ambidextrous holster that fits handily inside a front or rear trouser pocket.
'It's a matter of asking the right questions and giving away as little as we can.' They are pawns in a deadly chess game and their opponent is Nemisis.
The bestselling author urged fans to piece together the plots of the upcoming books themselves and told them to focus on why Harry's nemisis Voldemort had not been killed.
Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, once the Americans' nemisis, condemns what he calls "horrible massacres" by the US in Iraq, saying they proved the US was lying when it said its goal was to bring freedom.
The dialialectic unfolds again: "Because worse than you bein' my nemisis, my servant or a turncoat," she ventriloquizes on another three-by-five card, "is the possibility of yer bein' a innocent." 'Who is the "you" here, and who the implied "I"?
Initially members of the development team were encouraged to play commercial games such as Myst, Rama, and Zork Nemisis to develop a sense of how commercial computer games designers handled various technical and design aspects.
Speaking about how his Russian nemisis stormed off after 15 minutes of facing the booing green UFC army, the Dubliner said: "He sprinted out of here but I don't care about his mentality.