NEMLANortheast Modern Language Association
NEMLANew England Music Library Association
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Amendments to NEMLA to clarify that an environmental management programme or plan on residue deposit or residue stockpile approved under the MPRDA is valid under NEMWA; to provide clarity regarding an appeal against environmental management programme or plan on residue deposit or residue stockpile lodged under the MPRDA to be finalised under that Act; to provide for continuation of environmental regulations developed under the MPRDA until the development and publication of such regulations under NEMA and NEMWA and to provide for matters connected therewith.
Ponencia, presentada en NEMLA, 31 de marzo 2001, Hartford, Connecticut, Estados Unidos.
Carlo Porta in the Light of Recent Criticism," NEMLA Italian Studies, I (1977), 87-95.
We ended up appearing at the 1999 NEMLA with "(Re-) Visions of Chandler: Raymond Chandler and American Culture," a panel whose premise was that Chandler's style--that enigmatic amalgam of cynicism, lyricism, and streetwise intelligence--had profoundly shaped our culture in many ways, some immediately recognizable, others more subtle.
Meanwhile, if we are not institutionally enabled either to be or to become scholars, most of us are all temporarily back at NEMLA, either drifting in actuality or in theory among the next sessions in the latest things.
A subsequent draft was given at the American Literature Association conference in Baltimore in 1995, and another revision was given at NEMLA in Montreal in 1996.
The purpose of NEMLA Act, 2013 is to make amendments to certain provisions under the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, NEM4 (NEM: BA), particularly relating to the challenges regarding the permitting system and the implementation of the Threatened or Protected Species Regulations.
Skandera-Trombley is Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the faculty at Coe College and executive director of NEMLA.
Nino Palumbo: uno scrittore realista" NEMLA Italian Studies 23-25 (1999-2000): 107-24.