NEMLANortheast Modern Language Association
NEMLANew England Music Library Association
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The committee found the Ministers late intervention not to be in accordance with the decorum of Parliament, especially as the letter of her request to postpone the debate on the NEMLA Bill was brought to the attention of the Chairperson only yesterday, with many Members of Parliament having to spend their entire weekend preparing for the debate.
1.SR 503,500 (50,350 shares) held by Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al Nemla Holding Co.
The author would like to thank Thomas Adler for his support and helpful suggestions, Paul Shields for his careful and insightful readings of several drafts of this essay, and Susan Gilmore and the participants of the 2003 NEMLA panel on American women playwrights for allowing him to work out some early ideas on Gilman's play.
"Entre satira y comicidad: Ariosto y Juan de Timoneda." NEMLA Italian Studies 20 (1996): 17-28.
(1) A version of this essay then titled "(Not So?) Strange Bedfellows: Enlisting Students' Help in the Fight Against Grade Inflation" was presented at the panel "'But I Always Got A's Until Now': Helping Students Overcome the Effects of Grade Inflation" at the 2001 NEMLA conference in Toronto, Ontario.
I would also like to express sincere gratitude to the Hemingway Society for their award of a Smith-Reynolds Founders Fellowship and to the Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA) for the award of a Summer Research Fellowship.
Ponencia, presentada en NEMLA, 31 de marzo 2001, Hartford, Connecticut, Estados Unidos.
"Cristina di Belgioioso's Orient." Nemla Italian Studies 15 (1991): 129-50.
Ils se font appeler Amar Sundy, Momo Roots, Human Spirit, Freeman, Blue Valentine, Jungle Hala, Dazibao, quand ils lorgnent vers d'autres horizons musicaux que ceux de la tradition hexagonale ; plus ironiquement Zebda [Beurre] ou Nemla [Fourmi], Kafia [Abondance], Rockin' Babouches, Mad In Paris [Fou a Paris], DJ Cut Killer, Kader l'Aktiviste ; ou alors brandissent une identite emblematique, Sawt el Atlas [Voix de l'Atlas], Rai' Kum [Votre Rai], Alliance Ethnik, Maria Maghrebine, Cour de Rai ; ou encore se designent par de simple prenoms, Mounsi, Saliha, Melaaz, Faudel.
"Poe's Conscious Prose Technique." NEMLA Newsletter 2 (1970): 34-43.
The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Mrs Edna Molewa, on 13 October 2015, has published the National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill, 2015 (NEMLA Bill) intended to amend certain provisions of the National Environmental Management Act and Specific Environmental Management Acts in Government Gazette no: 39287
Cette derniere se contentait auparavant du kyorugi (combat) [beaucoup plus grand que], a annonce le secretaire general de la federation, Noureddine Nemla, lors du college technique national tenu, vendredi dernier, a l'Ecole nationale des sports a Tamentfoust, en presence de responsables de l'instance federale, de Abdeslam Belkbir (DTN), de Samir Mayana (DEN), des experts et des presidents de ligues.