NEMPNuclear Electromagnetic Pulse
NEMPNational Education Monitoring Project (New Zealand)
NEMPNúcleo de Estudos sobre Mídia e Política
NEMPNeurology Matching Program
NEMPNational Eutrophication Management Program
NEMPNational Emergency Management Plan (US government)
NEMPNational Environmental Management Programme
NEMPNeuse Estuary Monitoring Project
NEMPNortheast Monitoring Program
NEMPNewcastle Environmental Management Plan (Australia)
NEMPNational Eutrophication Monitoring Programme
NEMPNortheast Metropolitan Park
NEMPNortheast Marine Pilots
NEMPNational Early Matching Program
NEMPNational Energy Management Program
NEMPNew England Media Productions
NEMPNational Environmental Mapping Program
NEMPNorth Eastern Medical Physics (radiotherapy consulting group)
NEMPNanaimo Estuary Management Plan
NEMPNational Examination for Medical Practitioners
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The NEMP does not include effluents from WWTPs and sewage sludge.
Because NEMPs are nuclear weapons, they automatically fall under the umbrella of nuclear deterrence.
As already noted, we can do this with NEMPs, drawing on existing strategies and mechanisms for nuclear deterrence.
The venue was Washington, DC, where a courageous and persistent Congressman Curt Weldon [R-PA], dragged the truth -- kicking and screaming -- out of a reluctant team of administration participants who were forced to assess, in public, the ability of the US to defend itself against perhaps the greatest of all DEW threats: a NEMP attack.
With regard to the NEMP mode of attack on the United States, a reasonable person might ask who could do it; who would do it; and who (if anyone) is taking the vital steps to protect and defend the United States?
Exposed in this House Armed Services Committee hearing was a glimpse of this newly emerging NEMP threat that the US faces.
Furthermore, according to a report previously prepared for Defense Secretary Cohen in mid-1997, if the NEMP were to be a one-megaton hydrogen bomb "exploded 270 miles over the Central United States, it would wipe out the entire continent's telecommunications network.
2000) Entries into the German Labor Market: From National Front, Back, and Side Doors to a NEMP - New European Migration Policy.
Thus, effects on NEMPs of a breach can be injurious to the NZEM as well as the electricity market as a whole.