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NEMPNuclear Electromagnetic Pulse
NEMPNational Education Monitoring Project (New Zealand)
NEMPNúcleo de Estudos sobre Mídia e Política
NEMPNeurology Matching Program
NEMPNational Eutrophication Management Program
NEMPNational Emergency Management Plan (US government)
NEMPNational Environmental Management Programme
NEMPNeuse Estuary Monitoring Project
NEMPNortheast Monitoring Program
NEMPNewcastle Environmental Management Plan (Australia)
NEMPNational Eutrophication Monitoring Programme
NEMPNortheast Metropolitan Park
NEMPNortheast Marine Pilots
NEMPNew England Media Productions
NEMPNational Early Matching Program
NEMPNational Energy Management Program
NEMPNational Environmental Mapping Program
NEMPNanaimo Estuary Management Plan
NEMPNational Examination for Medical Practitioners
NEMPNorth Eastern Medical Physics (radiotherapy consulting group)
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The NEMP does not include effluents from WWTPs and sewage sludge.
Northeast Mold & Plastics in Glastonbury, Connecticut will provide the ResTech Plastic Molding customer and vendor base with immediate access to industry-leading Two-Shot Molding ability to take a two-piece product design and re-design the components into a Two-Shot application while enabling NEMP's existing customer base to take advantage of RPM's broad capabilities spanning 4 companies.
"We realise the abundance of political parties currently operating in Egypt," Ibrahim Darwish, constitutional expert and acting head of the NEMP, said, "yet the circumstances Egypt has been going through during the past two years warn of a civil war."
Wide-ranging areas such as NEMP, electromagnetic bombs, electrostatic discharge, and lightning for mobile, airborne, and fixed military and commercial applications will be addressed.
COUN NICK NEMP (Labour), pictured, chair Byker ward
(1998): NEMP Writing: Assessment Results 1998 (NEMP Report no 12).
Terry Crooks, "Design and Implementation of a National Assessment Programme: New Zealand's National Education Monitoring Project (NEMP)," paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Toronto, May 2002.
Totton Pumps, designers & manufacturers of plastic pumps have recently introduced significant improvements to their NEMP range of heavy-duty magnetically coupled plastic pumps.
In addition, recently emerging open literature permits us to examine a new, more potent means of DEW -- nuclear electromagnetic pulse, or NEMP. Finally, we'll discuss some of the political roadblocks faced by the US military as they strive to achieve operational status for DEW.
Ecosystem definition and community structure of the macrobenthos of the NEMP monitoring station at Pigeon Hill in the Gulf of Maine.