NEMSISNational Emergency Medical Services Information System
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NEMSIS is a national effort to standardize the data collected by EMS agencies.
The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center has established a policy to only disclose those software packages that have successfully completed the compliance testing process.
Gold Level Compliance ensures that BIO-key FireRMS software conforms to the NEMSIS national EMS dataset.
By satisfying NEMSIS requirements, all agencies using our FireRMS software now have the capability to generate reports that meet these national requirements.
0 compliant Fire Records Management systems (FRMS), NEMSIS Gold compliant Emergency Medical Services Patient Reporting systems (e-PCR) and Field Based Reporting systems that are integrated with Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD) vendors.
TriTech Emergency Medical Systems product portfolio includes three primary state-of-the-art products including NEMSIS Gold certified electronic Patient Care Reporting and advanced Billing & Collections software, which complements their EMS and Fire CAD and Mobile Data solutions capable of handling the most demanding high performance and non-emergency EMS environments.
Intermedix Corporation, the leading provider of technology-based business services to emergency providers, announced today its electronic patient care reporting ("ePCR") solution, TripTix([R]), has received the highly coveted NEMSIS Gold rating.
Our Intermedix HealthWare team scored with its achievement of NEMSIS Gold Compliance Certification, another major milestone in ensuring we offer the most comprehensive ePCR technology to EMS providers.
Vital Data Technology is a NEMSIS Gold compliant company.