NEO-PI-RNeuroticism, Extraversion, Openness Personality Inventory-Revised (psychiatry)
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Two studies have performed real-data simulations using responses to the NEO-PI-R items.
For this purpose, different tools can be used, such as the NEO-PI-R (Costa & McCrae Jr., 2009) or the Five Factor Model Rating Form (FFMRF; Mullins-Sweatt, Jamerson, Samuel, Olson, & Widiger, 2006).
However, considering this disorder relates to significant impairment of self in favor of others (Millon 2011), correlation data between IDCP and NEO-PI-R facets shown by Carvalho and Primi (in press) have been consistent.
PRF Rendimiento 0,05 * (1994) de aula GPA 0,10 * Wolfe y Johnson (1995) BFI GPA 0,34 * De Fruyt y NEO-PI-R GPA 0,28 * Mervielde (1996) Paunonen (1998) NEO-FFI GPA 0,06 * (Study 1) Paunonen (1998) NEO-FFI GPA 0,20 * (Study 2) Busato et al.
The NEO-FFI personality inventory which is a 60 item questionnaire (12 items per domain), has been then directly taken from the NEO-PI-R, and provides a quick, reliable, and precise measure of the five major personality traits, using a five point Likert format.10
Unlike the TCI-R or the NEO-PI-R, the factor structure of this questionnaire is obtained directly from the items, is generally robust and has been also replicated in different cultures (Aluja, et al.
The NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI-R) by Costa and McCrae (1985) is widely used instrument in studying the personality trait dimensions and extensive studies have been carried out by using NEO- PI-R which have basically used to classify individual into different personality types (as cited in Zhang, 2005).
Covert Reactions to Big Five Personality Traits: The Impact Message Inventory and the NEO-PI-R, European Journal of Psychological Assessment 15(3): 221-232.
The relationships were analyzed through the LOESS, non-parametric, local area, polynomial regression procedure (Fan & Gijbels, 1996; Fox, 2000) to produce data points for the NEO-PI-R dimensions lines that run the full length of the satisfaction continua.