NEOGNorth East Organic Growers (UK)
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The Assam police on Friday arrested Gaurav Jyoti Neog, the reporter of the news channel News Live who allegedly shot the video of the molestation of the teenage girl by a group of 20 men outside a bar.
The CJM acquitted local television channel journalist Gaurav Jyoti Neog, Hafizuddin, Diganta Basumatary and Jitumoni Deka due to lack of evidence.
Legacy classificator code 21.20.24-40.00 - Cotton, gauze and the like, covered with pharmaceutical substances, put up for retail neog
"We want to give proper training to students at Tikitaka and make them play at the district level so that they can be prepared to play at the national and international levels platform," said Pankaj Neog, Coach.
Neog, arrested last week, has been booked on 11 counts including intention to insult the modesty of a woman, obscene act and disturbing public tranquility.
The July 9 molestation incident which happened at the J S Road took place under the direction of the editor of News Live Gaurav Jyoti Neog," accused Gogoi.
Tenders are invited for Glands and other organs, extracts of these substances and other substances of human or animal origin neog
Tenders are invited for Fuel liquid and gas; lubricating oil (lot 1 - motor petrol (gasoline), including aviation gasoline A-92 - 19.20.21-00.00 (leaded petrol - 09132200-5 (A-92)); Lot 2 - motor petrol (gasoline) including aviation gasoline A-95 - 19.20.21-00.00 (leaded petrol - 09132200-5 (A-95)); lot 3 - liquid fuel (fuel oil) neog (diesel fuel) - 19.20.28-00.00 (diesel fuel - 09134200-9 (diesel fuel)), lot 4 - mineral oil medium, medium distillates, neog (oil SAE 10W-40, API Grade CH4 or equivalent) - 19.20.27-00.00 (motor oil - 09211100-2 (engine oil SAE 10W-40, API Grade CH4 or equivalent))
Tenders are invited for Non-metallic mineral products, other neog (Bituminous mixtures based on natural and artificial filler and bitumen or natural asphalt as a binder - code DK 016-2010 -23.99.13-10.00) (Coating mix)
Tenders are invited for 19.20.21-00.00- petrol engine (gasoline), including aviation gasoline; 19.20.27-00.00 - Mineral oil medium;Middle distillates, neog) (09132000-3 - Petrol, -Dyzelne fuel 09134200-9, 09211100-2 - Motor Oils) Lot 1 - A-92 (or equivalent), A-95 (or equivalent) Lot 2 - diesel Lot 3 - lubricating oil M10H2K (or equivalent) 10W40 (or equivalent)
Tenders are invited for Lot 1: 19.20.21-00.00 petrol engine (gasoline), including aviation gasoline - (A-92) (DK 021: 2015 (SPV, 2008) - 09132100-4 Unleaded petrol); Lot 2: 19.20.28 - 00.00 liquid fuel (fuel oil) neog Diesel (DK 021: 2015 (CPV: 2008) 09134200-9 Diesel))
Tenders are invited for "Cases of protection for meters and corrugated pipe or equivalent" code of DK 016: 2010 - 22.29.2 - Polyethylene others neog Code for the DC 021: 2015 - 19500000-1 - Rubber and plastic materials