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NEONNational Ecological Observatory Network
NEONNew Era Of Networks
NEONNational Equal Opportunities Network (New Zealand)
NEONNews for Educators Online Now
NEONNevada Elders on the Net
NEONNEC Enterprise Open Network
NEONNew Energy Options for Northerners (Canada)
NEONNorth Eastern Optical Network (Mainecom)
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Pink is created with neon gas and a blue fluorescent coating.
In the field of energy efficiency, Al Fajer Neon Energy offers a wide range of integrated solutions to replace conventional lighting systems with new, energy-efficient, high quality LED products which are supplied on a fully financed basis, enabling its customers to repay for the equipment exclusively from their savings on their electricity bill.
Al Fajer Neon Energy operates in renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors to support the development of clean energy projects in the UAE.
By the late 1940s, neon had lost its glamour and became "a metaphor for the rusting, declining city" (68).
Ben says: "Neon is much steadier on his feet these days.
Following her through the High Court to fight for her 'human right' You''''re Killing My Son: The Mum Who Went on the Run to reject the recommended treatment, the documentary shows her disappointment when the judge rules against her, stating chemotherapy and radiotherapy were the only treatments that could save Neon's life.
Neon has lived with dad Ben, 34, of Knightsbridge, West London, since police caught his mum hiding him during the dispute.
But I am worried that her judgement has gone awry on the question of the seriousness of the threat which Neon faces."
The judge also ruled that Neon live with his father Ben, who is separated from Sally, while having treatment.
I had an idea of a huge mass of straight, vertical, four-foot red neon tubes fitting an entire ceiling and the whole space underneath a transparent floor--a complete environment.
The high street has given us a number of neon shoes to choose from.
Neon dissolves in the helium raindrops and falls towards the deeper interior where it re-dissolves, depleting the upper layers of both elements, consistent with observations.