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NEONSNaval Environmental Operational Nowcasting System
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As the nations ecologists gather in Kentucky next week, a group from the Battelle-managed NEON program are energized now that the network has been built and is generating data that are shared with the global ecology community.
Or if you're feeling less adventurous nod to the look with a well-placed accessory or two, such as BANK'S neon pink satchel, PS25, or Littlewoods yellow neon necklace, PS22.
After the awesome Chrysler Viper sports car, the new Neon R/T is the latest in a range of sporting Chrysler derivatives and it is strikingly different in image from the standard Neon.
But many of Neon's problems were genetic, and no amount of patch work could prevent Neon owners, including AI's editor-in-chief, from describing their cars by using the words "love" and "hate" in the same sentence.
Whether neon is one of your favourite looks or you are just testing out the trend, it is still a great way to add some brightness and cheerfulness to your summer wardrobe and make sure you have a fresh look.
"The combination of Shadow RTE and Oracle Warehouse Builder provide an ideal platform to support the Class I - Operational Data Stores (ODS) needed for real-time business intelligence of the world's most progressive companies," said Mark Cresswell, CEO of NEON Systems.
"NEON's newest product, e-Biz 2000 for Insurance, delivers a high-performance, low-cost solution that meets all insurance industry standards for e-Business.
Just a few of its tools will be integrated with the Neon suite.
Not that I don't like a bit of on trend pastel once in a while, but neon in the right amounts just seems a bit cooler.