NEPAPNew England Pension Assistance Project (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
NEPAPNational Environmental Policy and Action Plan (Nepal)
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Other mechanisms of action by which nEPAP may reduce the collapsibility of the upper airway may include: inducing pulmonary hyperinflation (which increases the FRC and the longitudinal tracheal traction) or hypercapnia from hypoventilation, causing an increase in respiratory activity in the upper airway.
Some studies report that nEPAP improves the subjective perception of daytime excessive sleepiness.
Treatment Advantages Disadvantages CPAP * Effective in the * Low tolerance (first-line treatment of OSA and its * Low adherence strategy) comorbidities * Immediate secondary effects may present in skin, eyes, nose, mouth, pharynx, stomach, intestines nEPAP * Offers high resistance * None reported to date during expiration only.