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NEPASNorth East Post Adoption Service (UK)
NEPASNetwork Planning and Administration System (Sprint)
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The National Environmental Policy Act(1) (NEPA) holds the unusual honor of being the most successful environmental law in the world and the most disappointing.
The attacker, Adrin Tuy, armed with a still unknown handgun, barged into a nipa hut, where Nepas was, and shot him at close range in the said village at around 4 p.m.
Army Corps of Engineers, and Tennessee Valley Authority, are subject to political and judicial oversight and ex ante environmental assessment requirements under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA).
NEPAs include a variety of everyday, low-intensity activities: for example, basic household chores like laundry, washing dishes by hand, and minor home repairs, and even more moderate-intensity ones like gardening, cleaning the car, climbing stairs, and walking at a moderate pace to the store instead of driving.
Courts have also upheld an agency's decision not to supplement when it is clear that the environmental impacts associated with the new information have been considered by the agency and that any future action implicating the new information will receive separate NEPA treatment.
(NEPA) (65) requires a federal agency to consider climate change impacts
Des les premieres pages de son ouvrage satirique mettant en scene la haute bourgeoisie d'une metropole nord-americaine anonyme--Montreal pour nepas la nommer--Stephen Leacock aborde plusieurs aspects du rapport des elites a I'espace urbain au debut du X[X.sup.e] siecle: des quartiers residen-tiels qui se distinguent nettement du reste du tissu urbain; des institutions ou se retrouvent les riches et puissants; un centreville en expansion dont depend leur fortune; ces quartiers industriels et ouvriers ou I'insalubrite se conjugue trop souvent a la precarite.
While this case may lead to similar lawsuits brought against other states with "little NEPAs," (26) state fish stocking programs may also be attacked using the stronger federal Endangered Species Act (ESA).
He could not have expressed his respect ("Voila pourquoi, Genie [...]") but also his opposition ("Je souffre et me reproche [...] de nepas faire nombre avec ceux qui [...] vont droit a l'edifice de ton Art [...]") in more explicit terms.
Post-1970, the game defined by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and state-level counterpart legislation ("little NEPAs") extended government standing to bring suit to all manner of "stakeholders." It is no surprise that these changes promoted new insiders and prompted new coalitions, which the authors dub "bottom-up federalism."
At NEPAs June conference in Washington, D.C., some members told us that they were unhappy with this transformation of the board's makeup.