NEPENez Perce National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
NEPENord Europe Private Equity
NEPENitrate Ester Plasticized Polyether
NEPENew England Percussion Ensemble (est. 1922)
NEPENon-Epileptic Paroxysmal Events
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The clinical approach in childhood NEPE is substantially complex.
"Remembering Szatmar, Remembering Himself: The Geography of Memory and Identity in Ferenc Fodor's 'Szatmar Foldje, Szatmar Nepe, Szatmar Elete'." Hungarian Studies Review 36.1-2 (2009): 15-38.
En el caso de NEPE, si bien el coeficiente asociado a la variable de tratamiento (reforma politica) no es estadisticamente diferente de 0 para ningun nivel de confianza, la interaccion de esta con la magnitud de distrito si lo es, siendo ademas positiva.
In 2003, during the celebrations, Marko, President of UDMR, remembered this split: "The question is not one who is radical and who is moderate, the point is that we must be united and move forward together" (Harghita Nepe 17th October 2003).
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The practical exigences of preserving culture were for Tuki Nepe confirmed in language choice and demonstrated by presenters who performed in te reo Maori.
His major novel, Pusztak nepe (1936; People of the Puszta), describes the misery suffered by the Hungarian peasantry.
A pesquisa foi autorizada pela Secretaria Municipal de Saude do municipio e aprovada pelo Nucleo de Educacao Permanente (NEPE) do Polo de Capacitacao em Saude da Familia da Fundacao Municipal de Saude de Niteroi, uma vez que respeitou os principios eticos contidos na Declaracao de Helsinque e a Resolucao no 196/1996 do Conselho Nacional de Etica em Pesquisa, obedecendo as normas e diretrizes regulamentadoras das pesquisas envolvendo seres humanos, neste caso os idosos.