NEPENez Perce National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
NEPENord Europe Private Equity
NEPENitrate Ester Plasticized Polyether
NEPENew England Percussion Ensemble (est. 1922)
NEPENon-Epileptic Paroxysmal Events
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The clinical approach in childhood NEPE is substantially complex.
Shuddering attack is an NEPE that initiates with rapid tremor of the head and shapes with continuance of this movement in the shoulder and trunk.
In conclusion, an accurate and detailed history is the most important step in NEPE.
En lo que respecta a NNPE, los resultados muestran que la magnitud de distrito produce sobre este indicador de fragmentacion efectos similares a los del NEPE, es decir, existe una relacion directa, tal como se esperaria convencionalmente de ella.
Pero, simultaneamente, el incremento del NEPE en estas mismas circunscripciones nos muestra que, aun cuando podamos observar un reordenamiento, lejos estuvo de implicar la desaparicion de un multipartidismo extremo.
This heart condition has a volitional function in which Self mitigates an inflated sense of autonomy and directs the person toward loving Yahweh with all one's leb, all one's nepes (soul), and all one's strength.
For the acquisition, the company has inked a Share Purchase Agreement with Nepes Corp.
Zevit contends that whereas in Hebrew, leb is the seat of the intellect and nepes is the seat of emotions, in Phoenician, lb is the seat of emotions and nbs is the seat of intellect.
a supplier of packaging and testing services for memory chip makers, will purchase the Singapore unit of Nepes Pte Ltd.
Nepes is a backend supplier to the semiconductor industry and offers technology together with wafer bumping, IC packaging, testing and fan-out packaging.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Freescale Semiconductor announced today that it signed a licensing agreement with Nepes Corporation, a leading Korean semiconductor parts and materials specialist, who will manufacture Freescale's redistributed chip packaging (RCP) technology in a lower cost 300mm format.
The technology start-up at Nepes is in progress with a volume ramp forecast for the first quarter of 2011.