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Nepes, a semiconductor component and materials maker, has replaced its high availability database services with HPE SimpliVity.
In nonepileptic paroxysmal events (NEPE), changes of electroencephalogram (EEG) are not observed during the event.
This heart condition has a volitional function in which Self mitigates an inflated sense of autonomy and directs the person toward loving Yahweh with all one's leb, all one's nepes (soul), and all one's strength.
As noted, Intel maintains the lead in wafer bumping capacity, followed by Chip-Bond, TSMC, Samsung, NEPES and ASE.
One night last week he was settling down to his haggis, nepes and tatties when he had a knock on the door.
In the Old Testament, soul (nepes, nepbesh), like spirit (ruacb), has a variety of meanings, including life, living being, self, person, desire, appetite, emotion, and passion.
The two phrases I have translated as "Transylvanian Hungarian Calvinists" and "congregation descended from Transylvanian Hungarians" are "szekely reformatusok" and "Szekelyfoldrol elszarmazottak nepes gyulekezet." In the Hungarian language, Transylvanian Hungarians have a separate name, "szekely," and their homeland is called "Szekelyfold" or "szdkely-land." Thus, even in the Hungarian language, Transylvanian Hungarians are recognized as having a separate identity.
In either interpretation, nepes "self," literally "soul," functions as an integral component of the idiom (marking reflexivity, as it does occasionally also in other contexts, e.g.
Nepes has developed a 600mm x 600mm FO-WLP panel process using a liquid crystal display (LCD) production line with a fingerprint sensor as a first product.
Zevit contends that whereas in Hebrew, leb is the seat of the intellect and nepes is the seat of emotions, in Phoenician, lb is the seat of emotions and nbs is the seat of intellect.