NEPFNational Environmental Protection Fund (various locations)
NEPFNon-Endemic Pemphigus Foliaceus (dermatology)
NEPFNasal Expiratory Peak Flow
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Plus, NEPA and NEPF have generally been very candid with the only independent publication covering the industry, the one you're reading now.
Now NEPF has begun honoring online newsletter marketing in competition with NL/NL.
The NEPF board recently met and voted to put more funds into curriculum infusion, a program whereby NEPA members would teach short sessions on newsletter and specialized-information publishing at different schools.
The prevention tool I'm talking about is the excellent crisis-prevention manual that wins this year's NEPF Best Looseleaf Award.
The mission of NEPF is to further excellence in specialized-information publishing through promoting the medium while attracting and developing its professionals at all levels.
In 1999, NEPF exhibited at the annual meetings of the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication and the Society of Professional Journalists.
The number of entries in the 21st annual NEPF journalism competition was about the same as last year, 225, but the number of winners increased by about a third.
The scholarships are earmarked for an employee or the child of an employee of past or present NEPA members--although NEPA and NEPF board members and their immediate families are not eligible.
This restatement has no impact on NEPF or First Federal's cash flow and the Bank is well capitalized under regulatory capital requirements.