NEPMNational Environment Protection Measures (Australia)
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If substances occur above established guideline values at a test site, there is a need for further investigation and potential remediation (ASC NEPM; VROM 2000; BC MoE 2014).
In Australia, sampling is conducted in the preliminary investigation and the results used to inform subsequent detailed investigation (ASC NEPM).
Narelle Sargent, the EPA, said that in 2017 Canberra did not exceed the NEPM standards for carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.
[42] National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM), Laboratory analysis of potentially contaminated Soils, 2011, http:// ysis-potentially-contaminated-soils-sep10.pdf.
NEPM (1999) 'National Environment Protection (Assessment of site contamination) Measure 1999.' (National Environment Protection Council: Adelaide, S.
The Air NEPM is a key test of the willingness of governments to develop environment protection standards that are in line with international best practice.
The review of ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide AAQ NEPM standards is supported through funding from the Australian Government with contributions from States and Territories.
NEPM (1999) National Environment Protection (Assessment of site contamination) Measure 1999.
Zinc also has an average metal concentration above the Assessment of Site Contamination Guidelines (NEPM 1999) (Table 1).
NEPM (1999) National Environment Protection Measure for the assessment of site contamination, 1999--Draft Guideline 1.
These levels or guidelines, which are usually set by legislation, vary from one country to another and in Australia are set by the National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) (NEPC 1999).
The recently formed National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC) released guidelines (in December 1999) for assessing risks from metals (and other contaminants) in soils through a draft National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM).