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NEPONúcleo de Estudos de População (Portuguese: Center of Population Studies; Brazil)
NEPONuclear Energy Plant Optimization
NEPONorth Eastern Purchasing Organisation (UK)
NEPONorth Eastern Probe Owners (Ford Probe car club)
NEPONigeria Export Promotion Organization
NEPONavy Europe Plans and Operations
NEPONear East Project Office (USACE)
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Therefore, new enforcement powers were given to the NEPO.
59) After NEPO brought an accusation to the Competition Tribunal, one of the accused firms, FASA, agreed to settle.
Offering consulting, professional services and on-demand applications, NEPO helps organizations research, evaluate, implement, host and maintain a variety of Open Source Software solutions.
Michael Curtis, regional category specialist at NEPO, added: "NEPO carried out comprehensive supplier engagement to ensure that the framework and lotting structure would be suited to the market and encourage local contractors to bid as this is seen as an area of increased focus for Local Authority spend.
Mr Greeve said that although the NEPO contract was initially for 900 coolers, there was scope for more and he had already agreed 60 additional units in the first days of the contract.
Peter Blanchard, head of corporate purchasing for NEPO said: "Because of the size of this contract NEPO complied with European Union regulations and advertised the competitive contract Europe-wide.
De Marmels (1989) redefined Cyanallagma, and diagnosed it from Argentagrion ambiguum, Acanthagrion cheliferum, Homeoura nepos and H.
This quip did not endear him to the conservative element, but it does cross one's mind when reading of poor nepos with his trials and tribulations.
Jenkinson, `Genus scripturae leve: Cornelius Nepos and the early history of biography at Rome', ANRW i.
If Lohenstein had been using an edition of Nepos either edited by Ernesti or an earlier version of an edition like van Staveren's 1734 variorum Nepos containing excerpts of Ernesti's remarks, it is easy to explain why he (Lohenstein) can cite Probus (Nepos) in his own note to Agrippina's claim about the Persians, since the Persian connection would have jumped up at him off the page.
Esa luz, que brilla en las tinieblas, es tambien un dedo que senala al Estado y a la sociedad y les dice que mientras las victimas sufren en la oscuridad y el frio, los malvados, bajo el desprecio del Estado y la indiferencia de una sociedad que ha vuelto a ignorar el dolor y su injusticia, continuan intrigando, humillando, destruyendo, traicionando; les dice tambien que la deuda continua y que esa pobre y maravillosa luz seguira brillando hasta que haya una justicia para todos los Nepos y los Robertos.
In this note I wish to reopen discussion of the role of Cornelius Nepos in Catullus' dedicatory poem.