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NEPONúcleo de Estudos de População (Portuguese: Center of Population Studies; Brazil)
NEPONuclear Energy Plant Optimization
NEPONorth Eastern Purchasing Organisation (UK)
NEPONorth Eastern Probe Owners (Ford Probe car club)
NEPONigeria Export Promotion Organization
NEPONavy Europe Plans and Operations
NEPONear East Project Office (USACE)
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Thus, in the early 2000s, Lagos' government promoted the creation of the Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia or Competition Tribunal, eliminating both the Preventive Commissions and the Resolutive Commission and reinforcing the autonomy and independence of the competition authorities from the NEPO and political actors.
Al lado de ellas hay otras: los maestros, con la perversa reforma educativa; las universidades publicas, con los recortes presupuestales; los pueblos y las comunidades indias, con las reformas estructurales y los megaproyectos, y la ciudadania entera, con el perpetua inseguridad que la rodea y que en cualquier momento (la vida diaria es una especie de ruleta rusa) puede sufrir la historia de Don Nepo, la mia, la de los padres de Ayotzinapa o las de cientos de miles que, por desgracia, permanecen en el anonimato, como las de los 150 cuerpos que yacen en las fosas de Morelos reducidos a expedientes mal documentados, extraviados o simplemente inexistentes.
Known for his inspirational perspectives on the common principles found across all religious traditions, best-selling author Mark Nepo writes at the intersection of poetry, philosophy, health, and spirituality.
Like Nepo's poems, these serve a reader in a distress similar to the author's.
The two survivors have taken very different paths: Jefferson (Silvio Guidance), finishing his senior year at a military academy, is resplendent in his uniform, while Kennedy (Fabio Nepo), unshaven, wears a faded flannel shirt and torn jeans.
Joanne Peacock, category specialist at NEPO, said: "NEPO is delighted that Robertson have secured work through our procurement solution for Building Construction Works.
After lunch, I asked my hosts to take me back to Nepo, where we did the round of other restaurants.
What Nepo did with a sari?: A sari can be used in a hundred different ways.
Las muertes de don Nepo y de don Roberto--simbolos de otras miles como las de ellos--me duelen y me seguiran doliendo.
Qualified teachers are needed by recruitment firm Supply Desk, which has just been accredited as one of the preferred suppliers in education for the North East Purchasing Organisation (NEPO).
"Passing By" was tapped for the director, supporting actor (Fabio Nepo) and screenplay (Claudio Yosida and Ricardo Elias) jury awards, known as Kikitos, as well as for the press prize for film.
Nepo is seeking to establish a framework contract for tyres and associated services, The existing nepo solution provides a compliant route to the market, Providing a 24-hour a day, 7-days a week, 52 weeks of the year tyre replacement and repair service for participating contracting authorities.