NEPODNational Evaluation of Pharmacotherapies for Opioid Dependence (Australia)
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As noted earlier, methadone is often understood in policy and practice as the noneuphoric, "synthetic" alternative to heroin (Bourgois 2000): the legal alternative that replaces what some consider a desperate, others an outlaw, lifestyle with a domesticated, relatively regimented existence in which participation in crime is minimized (its impact on crime is widely documented: see Digiusto, Shakeshaft, Ritter, Mattick, White, Lintzeris, Bell, Saunders & NEPOD Research Group 2006; Hall, Ward & Mattick 1998).
amp; NEPOD Research Group (2006) Effects of pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence in participants' criminal behaviour and expenditure on illicit drugs: An Australian national evaluation (NEPOD).