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NEPOMUKNetworked Environment for Personalized, Ontology-Based Management of Unified Knowledge (software specification)
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Even though Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837) was a virtuoso performer, prolific composer for many instruments, including the piano and a prodigy student of Mozart's, my only exposure to his compositions had been one of the pieces included in this collection: "Ecossaise" (page 7).
62) The agricultural writer Johann Nepomuk Schwerz learned this accounting system on his tour through the Palatinate in 1814 from David Mollinger Jr.
After the death of its inventor in 1804, the machine was sold to the Bavarian musician Johann Nepomuk Malzel, who hired the chess player William Schlumberger to control the machine from within the box.
The ennoblement of the large rich Esterhazy family was, however, due less to their zealous encouragement of the arts, and their promotion of the music of Joseph Haydn and Johann Nepomuk Hummel, than to their victories over the Turks and their loyalty to the House of Habsburg.
The different types of task states are borrowed from the Nepomuk Task Management Model [11].
In 1865, for example, the library inherited 1,100 volumes following the tragic death of Nepomuk Janos Tooth (1833-1865), a hospital physician who died of typhus that he contracted in the course of practicing his profession.
Then in 1729 John Nepomuk was canonised and his cult was enthusiastically promoted through sermons, printed texts, and all sorts of material objects so that he became an ever-present figure in popular culture.
Be patient with yourself, and be encouraged by the words of 18th-19th century musician Johann Nepomuk Hummel:
Not only were red coats not uncommon in Vienna at the time, but on at least three other occasions, both earlier and later, Mozart was depicted in a red coat: in the portrait by Saverio dalla Rosa painted at Verona in 1770; the family portrait of 1780-81 traditionally attributed to Johann Nepomuk della Croce; and in the posthumous Barbara Krafft portrait of 1819 (itself based on models sent to her by Nannerl Mozart).
She was part of Beethoven's inner circle, according to Kopitz, and later married his friend and rival, the composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel.
Entre sus biografos mas destacados se encuentran Johannes Nepomuk Raimann (1818), Ernst Moriz Kronfeld (1905), Franz Stafleu (1967, 1971, 1980), Otto Nowotny (1993), Maria Petz-Grabenbauer (1995 y 1997) y Welter Lack (1998, 2000x, 2000b).
Lee even goes as far as to claim that Leverkuhn accuses Zeitblom of being responsible for the death of Nepomuk Schneidewein, asserting that the words 'Nimm ihn, Scheusal