NEPOOLNew England Power Pool
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(152) Connecticut will recognize RPS credits from other states in the NEPOOL system until 2010, and thereafter will additionally recognize credits from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland or Delaware if it is determined at that time that their RPS program standards are similar to those of Connecticut.
The NEPOOL GIS tracking system will only track those resources for RPS credit where out-of-region projects have obtained "firm transmission" into the region of power equal to or exceeding the generation from an eligible RPS renewable facility.
On August 5, ISO New England and NEPOOL jointly submitted market rules to establish the program to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for approval.
"We're very pleased that the NEPOOL decision-making committees have taken this important step in voting to move forward with a pilot program this year," said Bill Capp, Beacon Power president and CEO.
NEPOOL's projected marginal cost dropped very slightly, while NYPP's and ECAR's both rose, as relatively expensive supplies in those regions were tapped to displace even costlier units in MAAC and NEPOOL.
(1995 Dollars per Megawatthour) Peak Demand Shoulder Demand Super Super Region Reference Region Reference Region NEPOOL 29.2 29.2 24.0 24.0 NYPP 25.3 30.4 17.3 18.8 MAAC 44.1 35.5 16.1 15.7 ECAR 31.5 33.9 15.1 15.3 Super Region -- 31.8 -- 19.4
``[FERC] did say that the full integration system that has been in place at NEPOOL and [that] was resubmitted to FERC for reapproval is not approved,'' Yackira said.
In a press release, CMP said its contract with FPL is still ``a good agreement for Maine and for FPL Group.'' CMP also noted that FPL's top official ``has publicly pointed out the great value of CMP's strategically located and highly productive generation system.'' Flanagan told The Energy Daily his company does not agree that FERC's actions in the NEPOOL case justify ending the contract.
Both ISO-NE and NEPOOL provided for earlier clearing of the day-ahead energy market and earlier completion of the initial Reserve Adequacy Analysis (RAA).
The FERC order came down on the side of NEPOOL with the Commission arguing it has the potential to not only enhance reliability but also better account for market efficiency.
Both ISO-NE and NEPOOL asked for earlier clearing of the day-ahead energy market and earlier completion of the initial Reserve Adequacy Analysis (RAA).
The work includes assisting DPS staff with reviews of NEPOOL and ISO-NE meetings and development of strategies that further Vermont s energy goals in accordance with 30 V.S.A.