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NEPSNetWare Enterprise Print Services (based on Novell's Distributed Print Service)
NEPSNon Complete Extended P-Sum
NEPSNetware Enterprise Print Services
NEPSNational Educational Psychological Service (Department of Education and Science; Ireland)
NEPSNursing Education Program of Saskatchewan
NEPSNational Educational Panel Study (Federal Ministry of Education and Research; Germany)
NEPSNorth East Paranormal Society
NEPSNonepileptic Psychogenic Seizures
NEPSNorth European Pipeline System
NEPSNew England Pagans
NEPSNuclear Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee
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THE North East Procurement Service (NEPS) were delighted to be selected as a finalist for the Government Opportunities (GO) Awards 2012, in the category of GO/John F McClelland Collaborative Procurement Initiative of the Year Award - Health and Social Care organisations, following their submission for the Home Oxygen Supply (HOS) procurement.
This major step will help accelerate growth and adoption of CGL, and further integration with ATCA-based COTS hardware, ultimately resulting in accelerated time-to-market for NEPs, TEMs, and service providers.
* do not increase the number of needles discarded (NEPs collect more needles than they give out).
"As the telecom industry responds to the extreme pressure to redesign their networks and introduce new advanced capabilities, NEPs are requiring a reliable, robust and flexible software platform to build out sophisticated designs while not putting their project schedules at risk," said Peder Ulander, vice president of marketing at MontaVista.
Last year, the NEPS researchers reported on a study involving a group of volunteers with chronic kidney disease who consumed a low-protein diet.
Yarn twist and evenness Sample T(u/m) Thin Thick Neps CVm 1 1032 0 10 118 11.22 2 969 0 10 38 12.31 3 1007 0 8 48 12.54 Tab.
However, organizations such as the CDC, the American Medical Association and the National Institutes of Health support NEPs.
(Nasdaq: SUNW) introduced five new carrier-grade products to help network equipment providers (NEPs) leverage the Solaris Operating Environment and Chorus Operating System deeper into the expanding IP-intensive core network.
AFIS analyses of fiber grown at three locations indicated that the [M.sub.3:4] mutant lines had increased upper quartile lengths and in some environments, had a slight increase in short fiber content and number of neps. Maturity and fineness of fiber from TTU 202 and TTU 271 were similar to Paymaster HS 200.
the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF demonstrated that nearly 10,000 HIV infection cases could have been prevented in the last nine years by needle exchange programs (NEPs).
For more than a decade, AIDS prevention activists have mobilized to discourage the practice of sharing contaminated needles through needle-exchange programs (NEPs), which provide sterile needles to addicts and encourage them to seek treatment.
The agencies would be connected using internal government communications capabilities supported by gateways, routers, and servers to move the agency data to and from two central consolidation points called Network Entry Points (or NEPs).