NEPUNorthern Elements Progressive Union (Nigeria)
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So, what I'm trying to say is that in the South, the election was fair, free competitive, but in the North, where you had such political parties like NPC, NEPU, so on, it was not free and fair in the North.
Acronyms mentioned in this article AC: Action Congress ACN: Action Congress of Nigeria, formerly Action Congress, AC ADC: African Democratic Congress (Anambra) AG: Action Group ANPP: All Nigeria Peoples Party APC: All Progressives Congress APGA: All Progressive Grand Alliance CPC: Congress for progressive change DPP: Democratic People's Party INEC: Independent National Electoral Commission LP: Labor Party MEND: Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta NEPU: Northern Elements Progressive Union NNDP: Nigerian National Democratic Party NPC: Northern People's Congress PDP: People's Democratic Party Annex
In comparing coastal and inland species at study sites in the NEPU, Derksen et al.
For example, Mallam Mohammed Jaan, the President-General of the NEPU chided the NPC for opposing the motion and declared that "if self-government was explained to the youngest blindman in the North, he would demand it immediately." Daily Times, 16 May 1953.
The National Party of Nigeria (NPN), Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Nigeria People's Party (NPP) and People's Redemption Party (PRP) were rebrands of the NPC, AG, NCNC and NEPU, respectively.
The NPC and NEPU not only held contrasting views regarding the nature of the Native Authority system, but also had very different relationships to the system itself.
But before then, I grew up in a family where our parents were Northern Elements Progrssive Union (NEPU) and then later Great Nigerian Peoples Party (GNPP), and then later NPP, UPN and so on, when the progressives came together.
Aminu Kano's Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU) and Middle Belt Congress (MBC) were such "elements of opposition behind the facade of political unity" of the north under the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC).
The return in 1950 of Sa'adu Zungur from Lagos, where he had served as Federal Secretary of the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC), added to the strength of the Bauchi branch of the Northern Nigerian radical party, the Northern Elements' Progressive Union (NEPU).
Alhaji Waziri Kolo Ibrahim (1926-1992) was initially a member of NEPU (Northern Elements Progressive Union), he organized the Damaturu branch of the association in 1950 and was the branch chairman in 1951.
You had NEPU, which represented certain part and certain ideological tendencies also of the North; you had the Borno Youth Movement which represented most of what you called Kanuri and the North eastern part of the country.
The rump of the Action Group (AG) that was left also went into an alliance with the NCNC, NEPU and UMBC, an alliance it called United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA).