NEQnot Equal to
NEQNuméro d'Entreprise du Québec (French: Québec Enterprise Number)
NEQNet Explosive Quantity
NEQNew England Quarterly
NEQNoise Equivalent Quanta
NEQNortheast Qualifier (gaming tournament)
NEQNorth East Quattro Club (automobile club)
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The results indicate that only average concentrations of Cd, Cr, and Ni exceeded their corresponding average background values, and the concentrations of Cd, Cr, Pb, and Ni in only a few soil samples exceeded their corresponding Grade I criterion of the NEQ in China.
Bumstead, "A Caution to Erring Christians: Ecclesiastical Disorder on Cape Cod, 1717 to 1738" WMQ 28 (July 1971): 413-38; Gustavus Swift Paine, "Ungodly Carriages on Cape Cod;' NEQ 25 (June 1952): 181-98; Frederick Freeman, The History of Cape Cod, the Annals of Barnstable County and of Its Several Towns, Including the District of Mashpee (Boston: George C.
Hickory Bog is located in Washington Township, Noble County, Indiana (NEQ, NEQ, Sec 12, T33N, R8E).
Mean concentration of metals [Manganese (Mn), Lead (Pb), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Mercury (Hg) and Chromium (Cr)] in water at selected sites of the Indus River and permissible levels of these metals according to WHO, USEPA and NEQ Standards.
Test Case With Without Overhead cert cert (%) (sec.) (sec.) NEQ.NEQ004_size4.smt2 0.63 0.60 4.62 NEQ.NEQ004_size5.smt2 19.87 18.27 8.74 PEQ.
In Ajdabiyah, approximately 800 KG NEQ of damaged munitions were destroyed.
Specimens Examined: ILLINOIS: Hardin Co.: woodland, 2.5 miles west of Elizabeth town, 5 Jun 1952, H.E.Ahles 6206 (EIU, ILL, ISM); dry woodland in compartment 53, NEQ Sec 11 T12S R8E, 15 Jun 1991, LR.Stritch, E.L.Shimp & J.P.Shimp 2606 (FS).
In all the steps, where the least square adjustment (LSQ) is applied (GPSxxx), a full normal equation matrix (NEQ) is saved as the result.
Output: (1) [L.sup.1.sub.(DB[union]db)]: frequent itemset in updated database, (2) [PL.sup.1.sub.(DB[union]db)]: promising frequernt itemset in updated database, (3) new frequent itemset: neq frequent itemset in updated database, (4) new promising frequent itemsets: new promising frequent itemset in updated database (5) Temp_newCK: new candidate 2-itemset in updated database 1 [C.sup.1.sub.DB] = all 1-itemset in db with support >0 2 k = 1 3 While [C.sup.1.sub.DB] > 0 do 4 For each X [member of] [C.sup.1.sub.DB] do 5 X.[support.sub.(DB[union]db] = X.[support.sub.DB] + X.
" crlf crlf "1.Marsat Power Plant" crlf "2.Tiaret Power Plant" crlf "3.Interconnection Station of Oujda" crlf "4.Interconnection Station of Oued-Sly" crlf "5.Quit the program" crlf crlf "Choice: ") (bind ?Answer (read)) (yew (neq ?Answer 5) then (is printout t "Which the voltage of the source of initial power?
In Table 3.1 we adopt the following notation: NEL is the number of elements, NAT is the number of faces, NVT and NEQ are the number of vertices and the total number of unknowns (degrees of freedoms) on different grid levels.