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Species such as Atomosia glabrata, Cerotainia macrocera, Nerax aestuans and Promachus hinei that were common in prairies in our study had no congeneric representatives in the Colorado study.
Among the most common species collected in this study, two were primarily early season species (Cerotainia macrocera and Laphria index), two were primarily early to mid-season species (Nerax aestuans and Ommatius ouachitensis), two were primarily mid-season species (Machimus antimachus and Psilonyx annulatus), one was primarily a mid- to late season species (Promachus hinei) and one was primarily a late season species (Atomosia glabrata) (Figs.
All three significant indicator species were associated with a particular prairie habitat: Nerax aestuans and Promachus hinei with the recently burned prairie and Cerotainia macrocera with the previously burned prairie (Fig.
hinei among the four habitats was similar to that of Nerax aestuans (most abundant in recently burned prairie, more abundant in burned than in unburned forest), suggesting similar habitat requirements for these two species.