NERCONorth East Recorder Orchestra (England)
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In 1989, Nerco bought out the Texasgulf interest in the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company.
This all changed early in 1993 with the acquisition of Nerco (the Antelope and Spring Creek mines, and 50% of Decker).
A second Cyanisorb process was commissioned at the NERCO DeLamar silver mine in southwest Idaho in May, 1992.
coal, through Kennecott, by purchasing Nerco Coal (some 18 Mt of annual production) and the Cordero mine from Sun Co.
coal sector (acquisition of Nerco's and Sun Oil's brown coal holdings in Wyoming)?
Rand Mines 25,500,000 South Africa Nerco Coal 25,400,000 U.S.
Modern predecessor explorers include: Duval Corp., Bear Creek Mining, Nerco, Freeport, and several Canadian junior companies.
NERCO reported $828 million revenues and $80 million net income.
The largest companies are merging or acquiring competing operations, such as Peabody acquiring Santa Fe Minerals coal properties; RTZ acquiring both Nerco Coal and some of Sun Coal's operations; Cyprus Coal and Amax Coal merging; Consol acquiring Island Creek; Zeigler acquiring Old Ben and some of Shell's operations; and Pittston Coal acquiring Addington Coal.
Elder Creek mine in Nevada opened early in 1990 as a joint venture between Nerco Minerals Co.