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NERDSNational Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society (children's series)
NERDSNew England Rubbish Deconstruction Society (American team competing in Scrapheap Challange Junkyard Wars)
NERDSNebraska Educators Really Doing Science
NERDSNon Euclidean Ring Data Scrambler (cryptosystem)
NERDSNorth East Recreational Driving Schedule (car racing)
NERDSNew England Robotics Designers
NERDSNuclear Effects Research & Development Support (DTRA)
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At other times, the collaborators "nerd it out," writing online.
Nerds on Site are already well known throughout Canada, the United States and South Africa for their trademark red computer bug.
Common or garden couch potatoes don't automatically qualify as nerds, although watching the Simpsons is mandatory.
In a recent kids' taste sampling, 89 percent of 8-to 12-year-olds said they were stuck on NERDS Rope and that it is different from any other candy.
The media sources I examined include: the Revenge of the Nerd movies; Triumph of the Nerds, a documentary about the growth of the personal computer industry; several web sites relating to nerds, including a "Nerdity Test," which allows people to determine their "nerd quotient"; Coupland's (1995) novel Microserfs, about young computer programmers working for Microsoft in the late 1980s; and business-related magazine and newspaper articles obtained using searches on the term "nerd." For purposes of the comparisons I make herein, most of my discussion focuses on the Revenge of the Nerd movies.
I believe I am qualified to address this issue not only because I have spent long hours managing, talking to, and learning from computer nerds, but also because, as the technology person at my library, I have become somewhat of a nerd myself.
With NERDS, we are advancing our long-term artistic vision to produce New Works and I could not be more thrilled.
KNITS FOR NERDS: 30 PROJECTS offers knits inspired by science fiction, comic book and fantasy cult classics from Star trek and Star Wars to Harry Potter, and is a special recommendation for any who want projects for such a nerd.
He points to a washing-powder-sized box of Nerds, the tiny sour pebble candy sold under the Wonka brand.
Whiz Kids was a US series about of a group of chess club nerds (you could tell they were nerds as one wore a dickie bow) who somehow managed to solve crimes and expose corruption in between doing their homework with the help of a suitcase-sized equivalent of the Commodore '64.
Goldberg certainly knows the territory, having worked on "Fanboys" and "Revenge of the Nerds." Here, the nerd du jour, Harrison's Cameron, is hacking his way through a free college education when confronted by Oz (Slater), who threatens to turn him in unless he agrees to become part of his secretive enterprise, Contra Security, which excels at exposing the vulnerabilities in clients' existing means of safeguarding their valuables.