NERMNorthern European Regional Meeting (International Forestry Students' Association)
NERMNutrient Export Risk Matrix (geography)
NERMNational Emissions Reduction Masterplan (Canada)
NERMNon Emergency Recognition Mode (emergency vehicle lighting)
NERMNew Exchange Rate Mechanism
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In the treatment of sleep disturbance, EA at both 100 Hz and 2 Hz significantly increased REM sleep, NERM sleep, and total sleep time.
(90) GERM, 9:100 (1919), 66; NERM, 12:142 (1922), 276; LMSM, 12:11 (1935), 575.
* Extend the reach of appropriated funds by leveraging alternative financing to construct the site energy infra structure and to refurbish the swimming pool as a main NERMs bundle.
The concept for the ESPC project was to construct cost-optimized ECMs and NERMs bundles to reduce the campus energy demand.
In several sessions, the municipal council received a detailed presentation on the energy concept, the scope of ECMs and NERMs, the supply-chain management concept, the funding concept, and the procurement process structure.
Here the target for the ESCO was to get an external partner to provide sufficient reliability in the predicted measures and investment costs and to synchronize the time schedules for both ECM and NERMs measures.
Advanced features include the integration of a bundle of NERMs planned and carried out with support from an external planner and specialized subcontractors.
Although the municipal council decided for a nine-year contract period, the revenues coming from ECMs could be partly integrated in the payments for the NERMs part of the ESPC project.
The total investment for NERMs, mostly in the swimming pool, calculated and adjusted during the construction phase, was 870,000 [euro].
* The ECM cost balance shows an overlap savings: annual ECM savings of 140,000 [euro] and annual ECM costs of 127.000 [euro] leaves an overlap of savings of 13,000 [euro] to be used to co-fund the NERMs annual cost balance.
Turner used the acronyms NERMS for all new religious movements in general, and PRINERMS for movements arising within primal or indigenous cultures.