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NERRANational Estuarine Research Reserve Association (est. 1987)
NERRANew Equipment Resources Requirements Analysis
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Tammia, now 22 and from Birmingham, says: "Nerra and I are really close because of what we've been through.
SUPPORT: Sharandeep Sahota helped her family through grief ACHIEVEMENTS: Members of the 101 project at Walsall College, Wisemore Campus HARD WORK: Mollie Donald has overcome ADHD and dyslexia DEVOTED: Daniel Rai, helps his mother Ruth Rai who has MS QUICK-THINKING: Abigail Hancox helped Christina O'Brien with the birth of Jamie Hancox 'LITTLE MUM': Lisa Gunton with Nathan Gunton, who has autism DETERMINED: Ethan Barnbrook has a rare condition STRENGTH: Summer Wilde helped dad Ellis get through cancer BATTLER: Paige Conlon who was injured in a hit-and-run just before Christmas THOUGHTFUL: Samuel and Vicky Gould who write for BASIL LIFESAVER: John Newborough helped save a man's life BOND: Tammia O'Callaghan plays 'mum' to sister Nerra
Criminology student Tammia, now 22 and from Birmingham, said: ''Nerra and I are really close because of what we've been through.
But, having taken on Tammia's role, Nerra began missing a lot of school and was eventually placed in foster care by concerned social services.
"Then at 18, when I was ready to apply again, I fell pregnant and they asked: 'How are you going to look after two children?' "Nerra was practically living with me anyway but the authorities didn't recognise that and were paying the foster carer instead.
"I had to undergo foster carer assessment, even though I am Nerra's sister.
"Families should be together." Tammia so impressed the social workers, she was granted guardianship of Nerra - three months after giving birth to Amaar.
"Nerra and I were both delighted when the authorities finally agreed that I could officially adopt her," she said.
Nerra, now 16, is also just about to take her GCSEs and is studying childcare at college.
To mark her bravery and resilience, we are making Nerra a Sunday Mercury Wonderkid.