NERZNegligible Explosion Risk Zone
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We've done hundreds and hundreds of these contests, and we sort of fancy ourselves an athletic league," Nerz said last week.
Dessert contests typically last 10 minutes or less for safety reasons, Nerz said.
The key is swallowing, said Nerz, who wrote "Eat this Book" about his own relatively unsuccessful year on the competitive eating circuit.
Royals and Nerz asked the audience to stick around after the show to hear the words of Alan Gell, a young man sent to North Carolina's death row, falsely convicted of murder after evidence proving his innocence was hidden from his trial jury.
Nerz, who has stepped down as the Justice Theater Project's executive director to take another job on St.
The goal, says Nerz, is to bring the debate back to what the Catholic Church believes is the core issue: not innocence, frailty, incompetence, or poverty, but mercy and forgiveness.
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Jrgen Nerz, Managing Director of Business Development at Hexagon Ventures, commented on partnering with Huawei to foster eLTE deployment in the public safety sector, Through open collaboration, we have successfully integrated Hexagons CAD system with Huaweis eLTE system to equip cities with abundant alarm channels and to provide public safety agencies with converged visual command and dispatching capabilities for faster emergency response and effective cross-agency collaboration.
Lynn Nerz, a south side Indianapolis resident, started Nov.
Bobby joins the staff in a newly created part-time position that will be supervised by Lynn Nerz, membership & awards manager.