NES2Neurobehavioral Evaluation System 2
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2003), the NES2 CPT at 8 years of age, and an extended CPT, which was designed specifically to differentiate between response inhibition and sustained attention by varying the target presentation rate, at 9 years of age (Stewart et al.
One possible explanation for different sensitivity to errors of commission versus omission is the low target presentation rate in the NES2 CPT; that is, the target is presented infrequently.
All data for standing stability, heart rate variability, NES2, and NES3 were written directly to computer disk files.
beta blockers, calcium antagonists, bronchodilators, anti- depressants) CNS NES2 test (visual problems) 4 76 NES3 test (functionally illiterate, visual 6 74 problems) Grooved pegboard (visual problems) 11 69 Referent group (n = 81) Reason for exclusion Excluded Accepted Age (< 18, > 65 years) 2 79 PNS Motor examinations (cast right hand, broken 2 77 left wrist, torn long flexor right hand, surgery left wrist) Sensory examinations 0 80 ANS Coding error, medication use that could 10 69 interfere with testing (e.