NES2Neurobehavioral Evaluation System 2
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Despite low exposure levels, among males we found evidence for an association between organochlorines, especially PCBs, and neuropsychological end points, measured with the NES2 CPT and WISC-III.
A study conducted in the Faroe Islands found associations between cord tissue PCB levels and longer reaction time on the NES2 CPT at 7 years of age (the same test used in the present study), although only in the presence of high cord blood mercury (Grandjean et al.
2003), the NES2 CPT at 8 years of age, and an extended CPT, which was designed specifically to differentiate between response inhibition and sustained attention by varying the target presentation rate, at 9 years of age (Stewart et al.
All data for standing stability, heart rate variability, NES2, and NES3 were written directly to computer disk files.