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NESCNational Electrical Safety Code
NESCNational Environmental Services Center (West Virginia University)
NESCNational e-Science Centre (UK)
NESCNational Economic and Social Council (Ireland)
NESCNASA Engineering and Safety Center
NESCNon-English Speaking Country
NESCNational Exercise Simulation Center (US FEMA)
NESCNational Energy Skills Center (Trinidad and Tobago)
NESCNational Energy Software Center (obsolete; see ESTSC)
NESCNational Elite Sports Council (Australia)
NESCNational Environmental Satellite Center
NESCNetwork for Evaluating Steel Components (United Kingdom)
NESCNorwegian E-Sports Community (gaming forum)
NESCNaval Electronics Systems Command (now SPAWAR)
NESCNew England Small Craft (Rowley, Massachusetts)
NESCNational Electrical Standards Committee
NESCNuclear and Environmental Safety Council
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The NESC is looking for new members, wanting to grow the club to the size to give it voting rights again in the BHRC.
For the past two years we have been waiting for the NESC, which had these aims, to get off the ground and we have seen precious little evidence of the plans that were supposedly being rolled out.
In order to curtail the losses of infrastructure and human lives including employees and general public, NESC is developed, which would be applicable to power sector, communication companies, operation and maintenance companies, and their relevant contractors and manufacturers.
The NESC CD features full-text searchability; Folio Views, which is an industry-acclaimed search-and-retrieval software application featuring easy-to-understand commands, comprehensive on-screen directions and a printed users' manual; the ability to enter notes and bookmarks or to highlight vital areas for fast identification, and the capability to print selected text and graphics.
Annual average NESC projections Historical average 1991-1994 1979-86 1987-1990 Per cent change, volume
Miroslav Lipar assured President Serzh Sargsyan that the NESC is composed of highly qualified specialists and can continue to provide considerable assistance to the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant.
Mona Kanwal, the Convenor of the NESC told Engineering Review.
Based around a London model, the NESC aims to equip youngsters with the skills needed for industries that are creating jobs and asks outstanding leaders to share good practice.
He said USAID Power Distribution Programme and PEC have embarked on the development of NESC, along with major stakeholders in the energy sector.
While addressing participants, Senior Advisor Engineering for USAID Power Distribution Program Dick Dumford praised the initiative of the NESC.
Dr Allan Stirrat, of Sunderland, said: "The NESC in Gateshead offers one of the best surgical facilities and was therefore the ideal venue for the course.
NESC offers the following educational materials about drinking water issues: