NESDANational Electronics Service Dealers Association (Fort Worth, TX)
NESDANetwork for Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa
NESDANetherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety
NESDANeat Electronic Stuff Development Agency
NESDANew European Speech and Debate Association
NESDANew England Safe Deposit Association
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NESDA is an ongoing 8-year prospective multicenter study involving 261 patients with major depressive disorder alone, 266 with a pure anxiety disorder, and 690 with both.
This is a tremendous opportunity for Warrantech, and we appreciate the opportunity to introduce such an innovative program to members of the NESDA and ISCET organizations.
Based in Fort Worth, Texas, NESDA has been the premier trade association for professionals in the business of repairing consumer electronic equipment, appliances, or computers.
McCann, a true visionary, started the popular Best Ideas Contest that was often the highlight of NESDA, encouraging every member of the industry to share their knowledge and help each other be successful business owners.
She is currently a member of the Marketing and Membership Committee, the NESDA By-Laws Committee, and chairs the Legislation committee.
NESDA is the premiere association in the consumer electronics service industry, offering the best benefits programs ROI for its members in the product service industry through value-added services that reduce a servicer's cost of doing business and offer the opportunity to network with other similar businesses, product manufacturers, distributors, and warranty companies.
I don't think I have ever met anyone who works as hard as Fay does to give back to the community," said John Eubanks, NESDA president.
This award is for an individual who has made significant contributions to advance the best interests of the product service industry and/or the goals of NESDA.
This award is based upon an individual's efforts to obtain, without reimbursement, the most new NESDA members.
She is the type of leader that NESDA needs to move forward.
I have been associated with NESDA and a friend of Service and Industry for many years and look forward to helping the Board of Directors to achieve its objectives on behalf of its members in these challenging economic times," stated Wood.