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NESDBNational Economic and Social Development Board (Thailand's state economic-planning agency)
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The NESDB also projected that the Thai economy will expand by 5.
This was clearly a very different type of party than one that simply spouted off NESDB platitudes.
NESDB figures are usually subsequently adopted by the Thai government, central bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and are used as the basis for developing economic policies.
Yudthasart Karn Kaosoo Prachakom ASEAN [Strategy for ASEAN Community], NESDB [Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board], 2013.
In releasing the figure, NESDB Secretary General Arkhom Termpittayapaisith also said GDP for the whole of 2011 grew just 0.
3 per cent over the same period; see NESDB at <http://www.
The connection between past and present was made by the then Secretary General of the NESDB, Dr Pisit Phakkasem, who declared his hope that his officials would observe the spirit of Phraya Suriyanuwat, an honest and dedicated civil servant who was concerned with the liv elihood of the common people and with balancing national development and quality of life, a key component of which is art and culture.
For simplicity we used the amount of fees paid by workers on the average based on an NESDB study.
According to the NESDB preliminary assessment, the impact on agriculture, manufacturing, and services will affect GDP at current prices by 248.
NESDB concluded that migrants benefit primarily employers and the more fortunate.
Consequently, the Chiang Rai Special Border Economic Zone Study Project has been implemented by the NESDB in accordance with the Cabinet Resolution of 15 February 2000.
47) Discussions with the Bank of Thailand and NESDB.