NESEANortheast Sustainable Energy Association
NESEANaval Electronic Systems Engineering Activity
NESEANew England Solar Energy Association (est. 1974)
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8220;In partnering with EnergySage, we hope to provide participants with a deeper, more robust experience as they tour this year's projects,” said Jenifer Marrapese, Executive Director of NESEA.
Hazard, who has been with NESEA for 16 years, has seen the 2,000-member group grow considerably since its 1974 launch (in the wake of the Arab oil embargo).
In addition to major automakers, NESEA expects more than a dozen students teams from major universities and secondary schools as well as a number of individual engineers and entrepreneurs working on a variety of new, cleaner automotive technologies.
NESEA is the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (www.
For the purpose of this award, NESEA has adopted a definition of a "zero energy building" derived from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory definition: "Zero net energy buildings reduce energy load to the minimum practical level, then capture on-site the required amount of renewable energy to satisfy remaining needs.
I go every year to the NESEA green homes conference in March.
According to NESEA, investigating transportation's impacts on natural and manmade systems through students' perspectives of their own actions helps students and teachers address numerous education standards in technology, science, social studies and math.
We at NESEA have been talking and thinking about renewable energy and green design for many, many years, long before it was the topic of the day.
According to NESEA, "dozens" of green vehicles are expected to gather for the event, which will offer a "full day of activities," including test-drives in a new 2004 Toyota Prius, a road rally and a visit to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles.
NESEA organizers are expecting up to 500 sites to participate in the open house and as many as 12,000 people to visit.
A tour to nearby NESEA Green Building Open House sites will be available.
According to NESEA, a variety of electric, hybrid electric and experimental advanced vehicles will be on display at the event, as well as available for test drives, with major manufacturers represented at this year's festival including Allison Transmission, Ford, General Motors, Honda and Toyota.