NESHAPNational Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (US EPA)
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According to NESHAP, the HAPs standard can be met by:
The district court granted summary judgment in the government's favor on the claim that Trident violated the NESHAP notice requirement.
EPA's revised cement NESHAP rule struck the right balance in establishing compliance limits that, while still extremely challenging, are realistic and achievable.
They are evaluating existing restrictions to determine whether modifications or clarifications of the applications of NESHAP requirements are needed.
The project, co-sponsored by a local group called Citizens for a Better Environment, gave Crystal a chance to work with the community to reduce its hazardous waste and toxic air emissions, which it needed to accomplish anyway to comply with the NESHAP.
Eisele authored an editorial on the NESHAP and the Reg/Neg process in Wood & Wood Products' December 1994 EnviroBeat section entitled, What Woodworkers Need to Know About the New Clean Air Act Amendments.
This is a key advantage over existing systems because it meets or exceeds EPA NESHAP maintenance guidelines.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality granted Ash Grove a one-year extension to comply with the NESHAP rule.
PCA figures NESHAP compliance costs could equate to $21/ton of cement by 2020.
The NESHAP for Boilers and Process Heaters sets Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) for this major source category.
However, other foundries still must address CAM requirements since the NESHAP exemption does not apply to them.