NESRANetwork for Socioeconomic Research and Advancement (Ghana)
NESRANorth East Snowmobile Racing Association (Hudson Falls, NY)
NESRANational Employee Services and Recreation Association
NESRANorth East Sasquatch Researchers Association
NESRANational Economic Security and Reformation Act
NESRANorth East Search and Rescue Association (UK)
NESRANational Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (also seen as NESARA)
NESRANortheast Shiba Rescue Association
NESRANon-Extensive Segmentation Recursive Algorithm
NESRANorth East Sutton Ratepayers Association Inc. (Canada)
NESRANordic Environmental Science Research Academy
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The NESRA boss added: 'NESRA in its duties, has the responsibility to enforce compliance with provisions of international agreements; one of such agreement is the United Nations Frame Work Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which led to the adoption of the 2015 Paris Agreement.
One of the female students, Nesra al-Hussein, said that she wanted to be a doctor to help her people.
Affiliated to the Mountain Rescue Council (MRC) of England and Wales, the co-ordinating body for all rescue teams, the team is also a member of the North-East Search and Rescue Association (Nesra), one of eight regional panels in the MRC.