NESTINational Experts on Science and Technology Indicators (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
NESTINational Estimated Short-Term Intake (dietary intake)
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Dr Mark Nesti debates the almost unique challenge facing Karius -- given the magnitude of the errors he made and the stage on which he made them.
Veanse tambien los analisis de Arnaldo Nesti y de Enzo Bianchi referidos en Mario CUMINETTI, Ildissenso cattolico ..., op.
John Fenwick, director of finance and resources at Nexus, said: "We have led the roll-out of Pop cards for travel on public transport as programme manager for the NESTI partnership.
The unsupplemented steer group (0% CGGDS) showed plasma urea-nitrogen concentrations below usual concentrations for beef cattle (10 to 14.8 mg/dL; Arias and Nesti, 1999).
This conceptual duality was previously noted by Lane, Sewell, Terry, Bartman and Nesti (1999) when reviewing the original version of the CSAI-2 (Martens et al., 1990), which included the phrase "I am concerned" instead of "I am worried".
Peter Antes, Pietro del Marco, Arnaldo Nesti. Firenze: Angelo Pontecorboli, 1995.
Her son, Nesti Tandili, died in 2008.She was born in Worcester, the daughter of Vasil and Thomaidha (Mitre) Dimo and lived in Albania for many years before returning here.
Trukumai daugiausiai pasireiskia didelemis energijos sanaudomis, nes robotas turi nesti visa savo korpuso ir varikliu svori (Shekhar, Pratihar 2011), todel valdymo algoritmai gali buti tobulinami siekiant sumazinti sias sanaudas.
Several studies have found that prayer is the most prolific response used to help Christian athletes cope with difficulties in sport (Czech & Bullett, 2007; Czech, Wrisberg, Fisher, Thompson, & Hayes, 2004; Park, 2000; Watson & Czech, 2005; Watson & Nesti, 2005).