NESTINational Experts on Science and Technology Indicators (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
NESTINational Estimated Short-Term Intake (dietary intake)
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Naomi Morrow, head of innovation at Sunderland Software City and lead for Digital Catapult NETV, said: "The North East is home to world-class talent when it comes to software and app development, so we're pleased that Nexus, on behalf of NESTI, is looking for a local company to work with.
The partnership between NESTI, ITSO and the global digital disruptor is yet another example of how businesses in the region are at the forefront of industry innovation.
University smartcards incorporating the NESTI "double smile" logo are now being issued to all new students as they enrol.
While investment by NESTI has ensured there is a single common smart technology for the region, work is still to be done to provide integrated tickets alongside the different smart brands used by transport operators.
People across the region are seeing the benefits of the hard work done by the ITA, NESTI, Nexus and local authorities to put a single smart infrastructure in place.
John Fenwick, director of finance and resources for Nexus, said: "We are proud to have delivered a common smart technology and standard for North East England on behalf of our local authority partners within NESTI.
New University cards incorporating the NESTI 'double smile' logo are now being issued to all new students as they enrol.
Existing students who wish to use a University smart card for Nexus travel may exchange their existing smart card for the NESTI compatible smart card by registering their interest - details of which will be advertised to Newcastle University students.
And the Transport Revolution will spread across the region, thanks to NESTI, bringing together local authorities from Northumberland through Durham to the Tees Valley.
This is thanks to NESTI investment in a single smart infrastructure, from PS1m spent on bus ticket machines through to a single back-office IT system already processing more than a million journeys a week.
I am often asked if NESTI is, simply, providing an Oyster for the North East.
The challenge for NESTI is to make sure individual products like the Key and Pop cards can talk to each other so passengers can travel freely without worrying who owns the bus or train they climb on.