NESVNew England Sports Ventures
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Oct 8: The Premier League gives approval for NESV takeover.
We are delighted that Mr Justice Floyd has granted the applications requested by Sir Martin Broughton, RBS and NESV and that the anti-suit injunction prohibiting the former owners from commencing legal actions against these parties outside the EU has been upheld and clarified," a Liverpool statement read.
By bringing in Dalglish, widely regarded as the club's best player and their last manager to win the championship in 1990, NESV have bought themselves some time while also immediately getting disgruntled supporters back on side.
Despite NESV considering their committment to Hodgson, the club are not expected to make a decision or an announcement regarding his future in the immediate future.
NESV, Liverpool and their major creditors Royal Bank of Scotland were accused of an "epic swindle" by Hicks, claiming the club had been severely undervalued.
All the pre-game talk centred on the takeover of NESV, yet anyone who believed that Liverpool's problems would evaporate the moment they got rid of their previous owners was sadly mistaken.
But with the club's arrears wiped out by the NESV purchase, the Anfield boss is expected to get pounds 30m to spend in the January transfer window to revitalise the squad.
Henry, the principal owner of NESV, said: "On behalf of the entire NESV partnership, I want to express how incredibly proud and humbled we are to be confirmed as the new owners of Liverpool FC.
SIGNS ARE GOOD Liverpool's Anfield home has a new owner after the club's sale to NESV went through
NESV is buying Liverpool in order to put it on an excellent financial footing and continue to develop it internationally.
Justice Meanwhile NESV said the club's debt-servicing costs would now drop from pounds 30m a year to around pounds 3m as they get Liverpool back on the straight and narrow.
NESV, also owners of Boston Red Sox, said the club's debt servicing costs - Hicks and Gillett had owed pounds 280m to the Royal Bank of Scotland - would drop from pounds 30m a year to pounds 2m-pounds 3m.