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NETBIOSNetwork Basic Input/Output System
NETBIOSNetwork Basic Input Output System
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For example, a specific vulnerability associated with NETBIOS is the "null session connection." This is a mechanism that allows an anonymous user to retrieve information (such as user names/passwords and file shares) over the network or to connect without authentication.
Does that mean Vendor X can forward mixed protocol packets such as lP, IPX, DECnet, NetBIOS or AppleTalk all at the same rate?
Applications interact with NetBIOS support through a data structure called Network Control Block (NCB) (see Figure 4); An application must specify values for Command field and may specify values for zero or more fields in the NCB data structure, depending on the NCB Command.
It supports Novell, IBM PC NET or any other DOS 3.1 NetBIOS compatible network.
It represents a 75 percent reduction in parts count over the PC XT, yet it contains the 80C88 CMOS microprocessor, a peripheral chip for memory management, interrupt control, timer/counter functions, a socket for Netbios software, and another socket for the 8087 coprocessor.
The data set contains network trace generated by six protocols, including two text-based protocols (HTTP and SSDP) and four binary-based protocols (BitTorrent, QQ, DNS, and NetBIOS).
Until Windows 2000, SMB was tied to NetBIOS. Win2000 introduced SBM packet transport over TCP/IP.
Then, as IP dominated and effectively displaced protocols like NetBIOS and AppleTalk, intelligent Layer 3 IP-based testers came into the picture, offering new features like IP-connectivity testing and routing testing.
Port So, which carries Web traffic, remained the destination port most attacked, though OA saw an increase in attacks on NetBIOS ports partly as a result of the Opaserv worm, which targeted those ports.
Ricoh gained 5 yen to 1,855 yen after saying Wednesday its group net profit in the October-December quarter surged 19.5% over a year earlier to 17.80 billion yen, due mainly to sales expansion in network basic input/output system (NetBIOS) devices such as multifunction printers.
For example, a NetBIOS port probe can be run across a large number of IP addresses to see if the file and print sharing services are turned on.