NETCONational Engineering and Technical Company Ltd.
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A few minutes later, Breault is trading gentle barbs with Debbie Silva, the head of quality assurance and another veteran of NETCO.
Tenders are invited for Environmental Consulting Services -- NETCO
NETCO provides public bus and paratransit service in the Greater Waterbury, Meriden and Wallingford areas under contract with the CTDOT.
NET, NETCO Government Services, Multimax and Harris IT Services, among others.
Lightspeed MFG was founded in 2003 and is staffed by members of NETCO Automation, a company known for its expertise in BGA services and prototype development.
We are committed to working very closely with CNL and with NETCO to deliver a high quality FEED which fully meets the project's objectives.
The deal, considered a no-brainer back then, ran into licensing and tech roadblocks and never came to pass; in the intervening years, both Netcos have been busy making deals with other partners.
But we, Telcos, have to understand that they are OK to help NetCo, but they're not OK to help NetCos PLUS SerCo, because that disturbs competition.