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NETCONFNetwork Configuration Working Group (IETF)
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RYU soporta varios controladores y dispositivos de gestion de red como OpenFlow, Netconf, OF-config, entre otros.
For this PoC, NEC provided its latest iPASOLINK EX Advanced ultra-compact All Outdoor Radio mmwave communications systems capable of 10 Gbps link capacity equipped with a NETCONF interface with embedded mediator functionality.
NETCONF cumple con el objetivo de simplificar la reconfiguracion del dispositivo y actua como un bloque de construccion para la gestion, pero realmente no permite la separacion entre los planos de datos y de control.
It controls device communications, data storage and statistics, through a customizable modeled web-based user interface driven from NETCONF.
We believe advanced network configuration management based on the NETCONF and YANG standards will have a transformative impact on the telecom industry.
0, MPLS and IP (Layer 3), T-Metro 8100 provides full support for OpenFlow, NETCONF and YANG, positioning service providers to future proof their infrastructure for SDN.
Interoperation and ease of use: Built using standards based definitions, as well as popular vendor specific extensions, the operations, administration and management of OcNOS is provided using industry standard CLI, REST, NetCONF and SNMP, thus allowing the OcNOS based network devices to be easy to operate and interoperate with other vendor solutions.
The company instead points to NetConf for use in broadband networks.
NCS auto-renders management interfaces and APIs including NETCONF, CLI, Web UI, and Java APIs from a single data model
For service providers who are embarking on Software-Driven Networking capabilities, T- Marc 3308 is ready to bring OpenFlow and NETCONF to intelligent, SDN-enabled networks.
With ZebM, PacketFront products will benefit from a NetConf standards based solution.