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NETDNoise Equivalent Temperature Difference
NETDNingbo Economic and Technological Development Zone (Ningbo, ZheJiang, China)
NETDNew Equipment Training Development
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Attributes of substrate networks |[N.sub.s]| [summation over ([n.sub.s] |[L.sub.s]| [member of] [N.sub.s])] cpu ([n.sub.s]) Subnet1 100 7581 501 Subnet2 100 7481 510 Subnet3 100 7563 509 [summation over ([l.sub.s] [member of] NetD NetL [L.sub.s])] bw ([l.sub.s]) Subnet1 37155 8 3.4844 Subnet2 38470 6 2.9293 Subnet3 38005 4 2.2149 Table 7.
The Air Force has been discriminating in its definitions of NetOps and NetD, the former providing "effective, efficient, secure, and reliable information network services used in critical Department of Defense (DOD) and Air Force communications and information processes" and the latter "employ[ing] ...
Noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) is less than 0.05[degrees]C at the temperature of 30[degrees]C, and the spectral range is 7.5-14 [micro]m.
Benefiting from a research-grade thermal imaging camera with a large focal plane array detector that delivers low NETD and advanced design microscopic lenses, the stand delivers high spatial resolution, making microscopic thermal evaluation of electronic and photovoltaic components routine.
The defect detection is limited bythe signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) [15] or by the noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) of the infrared detector.
Testo 880 thermal imagers are supplied with both a wide-angle and an optional telephoto lens to allow adaptation to different sizes and distances of measurement objects, and offer exceptional thermal sensitivity (NETD) of <0.1[degrees]C at 30[degrees]C.
For organizational purposes, and in conformance with AFDD 2-5, Information Operations, we combine the analysis of CNA/NetA and CND/ NetD under the heading of NW and the analysis of PSYOP and MILDEC under the heading of influence operations. (OTC BB: NETD), San Diego, Calif., formerly DataLink Systems Corp., a Silicon Valley-based Internet company, has formed a partnership with Office Depot that, for the first time, puts services in a national chain of retail stores.
NetDimensions (LSE: NETD), a provider of performance, knowledge and learning management systems, revealed today (14 May) that its Enterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP) learning management system has been implemented by Mace Group (Mace), the consultancy and construction firm.
It has a 140 x 140 resolution with 25 x 25 field of view and 100mK NETD. Accuracy is [+ or -]2% and thermal sensitivity better than 0.1[degrees]C.