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NETINational Enforcement Training Institute (US EPA)
NETINational Effective Teaching Institute (workshop)
NETINational Environmental Technology Institute (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
NETINew England Technical Institute (Connecticut)
NETINorthern Ecosystems Toxicology Initiative (Canada)
NETINetwork Table Inquiry (Sprint)
NETINetwork Information Table
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Heatley said 12 years ago that neti pots were going to be a big item," he says.
Those who are concerned about nasal irrigation safety may be wise to skip neti pots and use prepackaged, sterile saline solutions that are bottled for the purpose of alleviating congestion.
Its neti pot system uses a solution to flush out pollen, dust and other airborne irritants from the nose and nasal cavity.
Let me suggest three principles that might be of help: anekantavada, eilu v'eilu, and neti neti.
You could buy a neti pot and make up your own, using salt water or cold chamomile tea.
Two Louisiana residents died in 2011 from an infection caused by an amoeba that was likely delivered directly to their brains via a neti pot, a device that some people use to flush out their sinuses.
Many people are unnecessarily squeamish about Neti pots and nasal irrigators.
Hindus define God only in negative terms: neti, neti, neti.
has introduced the Arm & Hammer Simply Saline neti pot kit.
His death was traced to tap water he used in a neti pot, used to rinse the sinuses.
Anjum Hasan, whose 2009 novel Neti Neti featured a character from Shillong who felt alienated while living in Bangalore, points out that media stories that involve surveys of urban India rarely include the North- East.
Anjum Hasan is the author of the poetry collection Street on the Hill and the novels Lunatic in My Head (2007) and Neti, Neti (2009).