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NETIDNetwork Identifier
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This arrangement yields over two million possible NetIDs.
Class C NetIDs are typically obtained from specialized network service providers, rather than the InterNIC.
Complete administrative functionality is now available from a Java interface, extending platform support for the NetID Management Console to any Java 1.
Customers can also leverage the API to develop custom functionality on top of NetID or to integrate the product with their billing and provisioning systems.
Bay Networks is a registered trademark and NetID is a trademark of Bay Networks, Inc.
NetID enables geographically distributed administrators to concurrently manage enterprise networking, addressing and naming in UNIX and Windows environments.
ISOTRO will provide SOFTBANK Expos, organizers of Networld+Interop, with multiple NetID licenses, training, support, and implementation services.
The servers communicate with the NetID database, allowing for the remote configuration and management of DNS and DHCP from the NetID Admin Tool and enabling dynamic DNS updates for DHCP-assigned addresses.
With support for Solaris, NetID becomes the only address and domain name management system to support both UNIX and Windows platforms.
NetID offers network managers a single, central tool to unify the many various ways in which an Internet may be defined, organized, tracked or managed.