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NETIZENInternet Citizen
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Korean beer is very mediocre and it's not as terrible as a lot of them say," one netizen said.
Angelica, recently, has also been a tabloid fodder for revealing that a former boyfriend has been stolen from her and there are no closures for her and her ex, who netizens suspect to be John Lloyd.
To stimulate online interest, the winner of the Netizen Prize will this year for the first time be elected by the Internet public, who are invited to cast their vote online.
All material and data used to research China's netizen discourse comes from some of China's most popular and well-known blogs, podcasts, and the following online communities and forums:
These Netizen funds grew bigger as their success became widely known, which led to this film investment boom.
This bill would create an "opt-in" system, in which it would be illegal for companies to communicate with netizens unless first granted permission.
One third of the Chinese netizen population would go online at net cafes, known as wangba or web bars (Watts, 2008, p.
Another netizen emphasized to his friend how much people don't like pineapple and ham pizza.
A contract with the government is received by Netizen Corp.
A Taiwanese netizen, identified as Ruian Wu, shared her experience with a local media ETtoday, saying that on the last day of the six-day Lunar New Year holiday, the family was boarding an express train in Taoyuan bound to Qidu District of Keelung City, which was overcrowded with people headed home.
In the original post by netizen Un Nah Lou, she identified the man in the photo as Architect Edwin Mendoza.
Xinhua new agency quoted netizen "unluckeyfreak13", as having written to ridicule the order.