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NETLNational Energy Technology Laboratory (US Department of Energy)
NETLNuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory (University of Texas)
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NETL estimated almost 42 GW would be gone by 2025, about 7% of the region's total--of which more than 30 GW were coal units.
Successful commercialization of Solidia Concrete technology would benefit national efforts to reduce carbon emissions," says NETL Carbon Storage Technology Manager Traci Rodosta.
For more information about AVESTAR and the NETL, see the Fossil EnergyTechline dated August 22, 2011, available at http://www.
NETL's open architecture approach to hydrogen fuel facilities is a first and will support industry in their pursuit of commercialization," stated Carl Bauer, director of NETL.
NETL, which will oversee the center's programs during the first year of operation, noted that industry will contribute about $700,000 to the first year of funding.
Barbara Carney, who is NETL manager for the EERC project, says commercial desiccation units operate in a manner similar to flue gas desulfurization units.
The syngas flows to vessel four where, the NETL reported, "The clean syngas can be combusted in turbines or engines
Carey Butler, KeyLogic Executive Director of Energy Programs, said, "We are incredibly honored to continue and broaden our support to NETL and its significant mission to deliver technological solutions that address our nation's three significant energy issues: affordability, supply security, and environmental quality.
Ray Boswell, technology manager, Methane Hydrates, Strategic Center for Natural Gas & Oil, NETL, answered questions about NETL research in methane hydrates from the editors of R&D Magazine.
In addition, the NETL study reported that greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 75% can be achieved by adding up to 30% biomass as a co-feed.
The Department of Energy's (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) recently announced that researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, working under a NETL research grant, have developed a new converter capable of boosting low direct current (DC) voltage produced by solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stacks to the higher voltage required for conversion to alternating current (AC) for household and commercial applications.
The contract combines three earlier NETL contracts Project Execution and Integration (PEI), Program and Performance Management , and Energy Sector Planning and Analysis historically employing 180 personnel combined.