NETMANNetwork Manager
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The Netman Centre is an ICT Container with full internet services to allow customers to make pre payment on their accounts.
Existing pre-paid Netman packages are billed by the amount of data downloaded when a customer is active on the internet.
Netman Time has been created to cater for customers who are currently on the Netman Instant pre-paid offering and who would prefer a billing based on time spent online rather than data downloaded while online.
MTC customers making use of Netman Time will be charged for time as from the moment the customer is connected to the MTC network.
The Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC), the largest communications company in the country, recently broadened its customer service capacity by unveiling the second generation iPad, better known as iPad2 on its Connect, Netman Plus and OfficeBox packages.
Telecommunications company, MTC, made history last year when it introduced 'Netman', which is claimed to be the fastest internet service in the country.
In efforts to enhance road safety, local internet provider company, MTC provided the Namibian Police with 13 NetMan pre-paid packages devices.
Telecommunications operator, MTC, is offering what it terms "a first" to Namibian consumers through its Netman Home and Netman Home Plus products.
Tim Ekandjo, the chief human resources and corporate affairs officer of MTC, said the beauty of Netman Home is that it allows the client to make a voice call while simultaneously browsing the internet.
Ekandjo added that: "Netman Home is another first for the Namibian consumers.
He indicated that Netman Home comes complete with a cordless phone and a wireless router that connects several computers at home to the internet.
Martin Currins of the Irish Traditional Netmans' Association, said he was "shocked" by the move.