NETPNational Education Technology Plan (US Department of Education)
NETPNational Employer Training Programme (UK)
NETPNew Equipment Training Plan
NETPNational Employer Training Pilot (UK)
NETPNuu-Chah-Nulth Employment and Training Program (Canada)
NETPNew Equipment Training Program
NETPNaval Environmental Training Program
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Seventeen of 27 state governments operated state-level anti-trafficking offices (NETPs) that referred victims to social assistance centers for victims of trafficking, sexual abuse, exploitation, and domestic violence.
Nonetheless, the preceptorship model is used widely throughout New Zealand to support both undergraduate nursing students as well as new staff, such as GRNs enrolled into NETP (New Zealand Nurse Educators Preceptorship Subgroup, 2010).
Figure 6 illustrates long-term three-component positional time series derived from the GPS stations: ADKS, LKHU, NETP, and TXEX.
Hopefully the inclusion of career planning in NETPs from 2012 will go some way to address this concern (Health Workforce New Zealand, 2011).
Under the direction of the Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology, the NETP's development involved the most rigorous and inclusive process ever undertaken for a national education technology plan.
For example, mahatma gandhi road (Mahatma Gandhi Road) was annotated as location and assigned the tag 'NEL' even if mahatma (Mahatma) and gandhi(Gandhi) are NE title person (NETP), and person name (NEP), respectively.
NetP is a dummy variable that takes on the value of 1 if [phi] + e < 0.15 and 0 otherwise; that is, it indicates that the initial investment was below the optimal level.
Examples are OpenAIR, developed by MINDMAKERS.ORG, and NetP by Kai-Yuh Hsiao, Peter Gorniak, and Deb Roy.
To meet this demand and improve individuals' career prospects, the Secretary of State for Education and Skills announced that employers in the North West and the West Midlands will be able to access a trial giving them additional support to train their employees to Level 3 within the National Employer Training Programme (NETP).
The new National Employer Training Programme (NETP) builds on work done through the Employer Training Pilots, including the North-East's successful eQ8 project, which helps businesses in the region identify their skills needs and put in place tailored action plans to meet those needs.
Videotaped nutrition education messages have been applied in a variety of settings, and they have become a valuable supplements to current teaching methods.[6,7] In October 1994, the Nutrition Education Training Program (NETP), Florida Dept.