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The image of the Bihari merchant has not acquired the same renown in India as that of the Kashmiri or the Marwari; yet the Bihari commercial networks, while on a smaller scale, are nevertheless solidly rooted throughout the Terai region and the interior of Nepal, and the prestige of their community and the collective memory of their seasonal migration find their voice in the Teli and Netua singer-storytellers.
In addition to the Shobha Nayaka epic, Teli and Netua bards also tell the story of two Bhojpuri heroines of the Netua caste, two bold sisters of dubious morals who are quick to pick a fight.
The Netuas are specialized in training and selling animals such as deformed buffaloes, snakes, monkeys, sheep, or bears, and they sell talking birds that they take in cages from market to market.